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             Pride… Hope… Freedom… 

           A symbol of pride, hope and regrowth, a fitting monument to the thousands who perished under a senseless act of terror. These ideals have contributed to the conception of the Freedom Tower, the centerpiece of a large, redevelopment project in Lower Manhattan, aiming to rebuild, not just the damage done by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but the hopes and shattered dreams of the American people. A shining shard of glass 1776 feet high, commemorative of the year of American Independence, The Freedom Tower is the iconic replacement for the equally modern World Trade Center Twin Towers, after it was destroyed by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. The tower will be the centerpiece of the Lower Manhattan redevelopment of Ground Zero, the former site of the WTC, where a museum is being built in memory of the twin steel giants that once towered the NYC skyline, the workplace of thousands of workers, the tourist destination of many a traveler that ventured the skyscraper jungle that is New York. The new tower had generated much publicity, even some controversies. One controversy was that of its design. The people of New York, who, shortly after the WTC collapse, already showed the longing of a replacement for the twin towers. The Freedom Tower answered their need of a monument to those who perished, to rebuild the remains caused by the collapse, to show the world that they would not crumble, because of the attacks, and that they will move on, persevere, and live life as it is. The Freedom Tower embodies the defiance of the Americans to terrorism. The people wanted a bold, daring and unique replacement for the WTC, and the first Freedom Tower desThe bold, daring design for the Freedom Tower, it was scrapped shortly for security reasons.ign was released.   




The Bold and Daring Take of The Freedom Tower, in its first guise;    It was shortly scrapped due to security reasons






The people wanted two towers to replace WTC, as it reminds them of the original, but this design surfaced and was initially considered for the tower, due to its evocative design and symbolism. It embodied all the ideals of freedom, rebirth, its sideway spire, reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty’s torch of freedom. However, because of some of the dangers posed by the design, and of course, the fear of another terrorist attack on the building, the first design was scrapped and gave way to a simpler but sleek redesign of the Freedom Tower.                   



This new take on the Freedom Tower was not widely accepted by the public, who felt that it looked too dull, too much of security and less of its symbolic presence. But for me, it was already a fitting tribute. Though I personally would prefer the first design, which was more symbolic and unique, this approved design is both iconic, due to its simple lines, and shape, and both safe and secured for its soon to be inhabitants as the new design presented with itself, good security and emergency features, which would could mean life or death when we see a repeat of the WTC attacks ensues. 

In the end, it doesn’t really matter which design is chosen, what really matters is that we have built an appropriate and iconic symbol of hope, a symbol of regrowth, a symbol of freedom, which will fuel and inspire us and the future generation, the defiance of not just the Americans, but of the world, to terrorism, and that no matter what calamity or attack we experience, we have the resilience, the preseverance to continue on and live our lives as it is. The Freedom Tower IS a tower of freedom. Freedom from the shackles of terror, freedom to grow and start anew, and the freedom of humanity against adversity, no matter what happens. It truly is a symbol of freedom. To the Americans, and to the world.






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